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About Jane, The Face Behind the Story

A believer, wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt, author, speaker, adjunct professor and stylist. Whew….the list is long and the hats are many. Although it has been awhile since a book was published it is a process I enjoy. After writing fourteen books and co-authoring twenty-one others my brain starts to think in chapters. It feels only natural to begin a blog given this new unanticipated action packed adventure chapter we are living today.

So here is a little work background. After graduating from Baylor University I started my career at the flagship Neiman Marcus. My goal was to become a buyer until I saw how buyers really worked. I ended up as the assistant manager of Epicure, or what I called the NM grocery. Realizing retail was not my cup of tea my real career started with Southern Living Magazine as a program coordinator for their cooking shows. This was before The Food Channel and HGTV. We would go to cities across the South and do a 2 hour on stage show featuring recipes from national sponsors. I was the television/radio interviewee, public relations and emcee person for these shows. This job peaked my interest in food, styling and writing. It launched my overall career in all types of communications.

My experience with Southern Living helped lead me to The Dallas Morning News, as a stylist and special contributor for the food section for 25 years. I tested recipes, styled photos and wrote articles. This work opened the doors for magazine writing and commercial food styling, too.


My most significant accomplishment was marrying the love of my life, Mark. We have two beautiful children, Sarah, 23 and Luke 13. Loving and living with these amazing human beings has helped me grow, learn and love more than I ever dreamed possible.

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