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The best of the best🔥⭐️🔥! #fire #richa
The Story Behind the Blog

Life is packed full of restored items from people to things. Restoration is a significant jumble of hard work and hope. Ultimately, it is a gift. It is not an easy gift because at some point something or someone was broken or hurt in order for new meaning or a fresh start to evolve.


Welcome to Restoration Hardway!


This is a spot to read about stories of restoration. To offer hope. To offer a new perspective on some tired issues. Perhaps a way to reframe missed expectations to find a new perspective. Stories of how God worked out the kinks in our lives to restore wholeness toward a new life.


The idea to launch into a saturated blog world came while reeling from shock days after a fire had consumed our home and our lives. As details of our experience began to unfold and our to-do lists mounted I needed a space to think, pray and process how to embark on this journey. Seeing hope scattered throughout the ashes it seemed like a good idea to share it and invite others to share their stories of restoration, too.

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